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summer smells of honeysuckle smiles

It was that smell
Of honeysuckle and bar-b-que
Floating on the dusk breeze
Leaning back easily there
In my easy chair as
That smell,
That honeysuckle and bar-b-que
Took me back to childhood.

Memories of tall oak trees swaying
Children playing games of tag and chase
Just running all over the place.
Climbing into the old wooden fort
Mom told us to stay away from
Even after skinned knees and
Tetanus shots that we forgot because
Kids will be kids and
That’s just what it is.

Memories of running through the
Bushes, only to find a few hours later that
Poison ivy hides well among the rest of the
Dark green; pink calamine lotion painting
White legs in strange designs
Following itchy lines…
It was just a part of growing up.

Falling asleep in summer with windows open
Strange orchestral arrangements of
Crickets, frogs, and high-octane funny cars
At the quarter-mile track down the street.
Waking up with the dirt of yesterday still on our feet
Ready to be mixed with tomorrow’s naiveté
As-of-yet untamed unknowns and

Yeah, it was that smell
Honeysuckle and bar-b-que that
Took me back to
My childhood memories.
And a smile slides across my face
Settling comfortably crookedly to the right.
Those memories reminded me of now
And a knowing that even without the dirty feet and
Skinned knees I could still revel
In my childhood memories
Facing the future with my
Crooked honeysuckle smile