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to the young girl who thinks she is a grown woman

So I recently joined a free online dating site
or two
as a means by which to meet people
ok, women people
in my new city of Tulsa
and I've noticed a pattern
I cannot ignore

To the young girl who thinks she is a grown woman
Two babies
One 12 weeks old
The other two years
Tired of losers and assholes
Looking for a real man

Stop it
Stop with the pictures of you in your bikini from above
Stop with the kissy faces and lyrics from bad country songs
Stop with thinking you're more than the child you still are
You're not yet a real woman so
How can you be looking for a real man?
You have babies but you're
Still a baby yourself
Don't tell me you're grown
because you have prematurely had to grow up
Forced to change diapers
and wipe spit-up
off of your Forever 21 top and
Abercrombie jeans 
This isn't Maury Povich
Acting like an adult and being one
are completely different
I'm sorry

Sorry for whatever circumstances forced you to
grow up before you should have
Now I know
There are always stories with
extenuating circumstances but
that's a different poem
This here is for you
The girl who earned this life path
Through conscious decisions
You were irresponsible
Birds and bees don't stop flying around
your bed or couch or back seat or truck
just because you're 15 and invincible
We all thought that once
And as of yet no one has pulled it off
Sex won't make him love you
Neither will fatherhood
You are not an easy bake oven
a nine month ingredient dump
You are worth more than that
Show me your value
You are youth
Show me grace. Smile.
You give life to those around you
Live yours for you
You are beautiful
Your eyes carry secrets man has forgotten
You need to remember this

And I'm willing to concede that
this isn't entirely your fault
Expectations of women today
can be so damn confusing with
the disparities between how
you're expected to act in public
versus the bedroom
Women in the public eye
using their children
and the way in which they made them
as media magnets
This is what meets their eyes daily
and eventually it takes its toll on a
young woman's heart and mind
Whores for attention so often get labeled
as the other when their babies are mistaken
for rouge, lipstick, and an invitation
"She's got kids so you know she puts out"
"But she's so sweet...how could that
have happened to such a young girl?
What a shame..."
Since when did children become shame...
That's why you're here
on this site
looking for a real man

And I'm a nice guy
but at 25 I know I am not ready
to father a child
and a girlfriend
And don't mistake my
concession for coddling
I'm willing to support you being
A mother to your child and
a young girl to yourself but
someone has to help you to realize that
albeit too soon, it's grown-up time now
So you won't be hearing from me
other than in this poem 
Cause I may be a real man but
I'm not what you need
I pray that you find it