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Discoveries in my kitchen at two a.m.

1. My family goes through hummus 
    like its candy. There is a Ziploc bag
    of fortune cookies in the pantry.
    Four different types of salsa
    in the refrigerator and no tortilla chips.
    I am the only member of my family who speaks
    another language efficiently.

2. There is a single dirty cat pawprint 
    on the floor. Only one.
    This makes the direction it faces arbitrary,
    though I cannot help but wonder
    what the single pawprint is made of.
    There is nothing this color on the counter,
    and the cats don’t go outside.
    Sometimes footprints are just 
    arbitrary. Sometimes dirt is 

3. There are more vitamins and
    supplements and additives in
    the pantry than food. My brother
    is the only family member who works out.
    My mother is a pseudo-vegetarian,
    my sister and I retired from this diet. 
    There is no need for so many pills.
    I don’t know who takes all 
    the vitamins. I just want the food.

4. Dark Mocha Almond granola bars do not
    sound appetizing at this time
    of night. I like all of these things.
    I even like them together. But I need
    something more filling. Late night cravings
    should be fully sated for fear
    of returning in the form of crazy dreams
    or werewolf transformations. I read
    an article where a twenty-six-year-old
    woman didn’t understand why three men
    backed out of marrying her;
    she also has Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
    and goes self-admittedly bat-shit-crazy
    for five days a month. She likens herself
    unto a werewolf. I don’t want this.
    I need something more satisfying
    than a granola bar.

5. I cannot decide between thin-sliced honey
    turkey and an apple. My mother
    is sleeping in her bedroom which
    is off of the living room which
    is off of the kitchen in which
    I am making more noise
    than I should be at this hour.
    My father is on a mission trip.
    I know she misses him. She should
    sleep. Apples crunch too loud.
    My mother picks good apples.
    I choose the turkey.