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my verse works

UPDATE: At the bottom of this poem is now a video of me performing this piece as the Sacrifice before the pre-Southern Fried practice slam between Unusual Suspects and the VerseWorks team. The first line is cut off, but it's good quality. Enjoy!

I spit poems like metaphorical chloroform,
Knocking you out and sending your neurological
Pathways into an electrical firestorm.
From my mouth, clich├ęs are reborn.
Words transform like a new dawn.
Ideas unformed take shape,
Erupt from my mouth like a lion’s roar.

I give life to my words like Frankenstein
Did to his monster.
I’m not done, sir.
Spray rhymes like a super-soaker.

A serial scribe with ethereal rhymes
Everything I say a lyrical miracle,
My material will infect your mind
Like venereal disease.
Take me in too quickly, give you brain freeze
I’m a brain tease.

Voice paints mental images with ease that would make
Da Vinci jealous. My rhetoric is what makes
Mona Lisa smile. Just wait a while
You’ll see why. I’ll write till my pen runs out
Leave no doubt that my words
Carry existential poetic clout.

And if and when you come, come prepared.
Enter on a pipe dream, leave in a nightmare.
My words echo in your ear like a mic stuck on reverb
Repetition absurd (repetition absurd).

So pay attention undividedly
Because you will never
Write quite like me.

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