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short collection one

i. solitude.

sitting in the e m p t y
his footsteps echo off the cold, hard
mottled stone ears hear not

i look; his eye averts instinctually
perhaps he wonders what brings me here as well
but mortal consolation is not what we seek

no words exchanged; our acknowledgement of
the other found in the respect



ii. ripple.

rocks cause rrrrrripplesssss on your surface
yet you wear those rocks to pebbles to sand

theybreakyouquicklybut you return to Serene

you wear them down slowly over time to


so i ask? who is more powerful.

iii. cleansed.

partly forgivable
mostly rememberable
somewhat affirmative
wholly negligible
never usable
always using
occasionally sealable
frequently washable

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