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In here, we are righteous

Standing here among these hearts
and minds, intertwined and tangled
like lovers’ limbs,
we are reminded
     of what we are
     and what we are not.

uniform pieces litter
floor and bodies but we
do not focus on the negligible.
The important things…

they are found in air around us,
bouncing off each other like atoms,
truth and fellowship.

In here,
we are giants.
Far larger than the fates
that conspire against us,
we tower over them
like terrible lizards.
They don’t frighten us in here.
Our teeth are larger than theirs.
We have survived asteroids.

This is more than mortar and
stone. This place is sanctuary.
We remember who we are
in here.

We are flesh and sinew.
We are mind, will, and emotions.
We are temples unto ourselves.
Wash yourself holy in our smoke.

In here,
we present to each other
offerings of concrete
for faulty foundations.

In here,
we are equals.
Wearied souls who find rest in the
rejuvenation of each other.

In here,
we are quenched.
We are self-governing.

In here,
we are righteous.

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